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We always make sure vehicle is in
the right condition for smog inspection,
catalytic converter is hot (it should be
above the 600 F)
, if it’s not many
vehicles fail . Most of the German cars failing smog inspection due to improper testing (Mercedes , BMW, etc).
We take the time to assure the catalytic converter proper operating temperature to prevent unnecessary and costly failures. Saving the customer time and money.
Don't need repairs? Just need a smog certificate? Then Test Only Smog is just what you need!

● Directed Star Certified
● Regular
● Out of State
● Gross polluter
● Change of Ownership
● Any type of smog inspection
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Get your smog check at a Test Only Center whether you are told to or not by the State of California, is because there is no incentive for your vehicle to fail since no repairs can be sold. A Test and Repair Center can sell you repairs if your vehicle fails the smog test. Test Only Center can smog check just about any vehicle. Since Test and Repair Centers profit by selling diagnostics and repairs, usually the charge for the smog check is less to attract more business. There are several reasons the State created Test Only Centers and one is to try and eliminate Fraud in the smog check industry. It is also illegal for an owner of a Test Only Center to have ownership of a Test and Repair Center within 50 miles of any Test Only Center it may own.
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